About Us

BOSS StrongBox started after attending different trade shows in the local and federal law enforcement market and noticed that there was not a high quality, high security and affordable in-vehicle storage solution.  Soon after that we set out to develop an all steel, high security box, made in America, that can be affordable to our local and federal law enforcement departments.  We wanted to build something that would give these guys confidence that their gear is secure. 

Today our boxes are being used by local Police Departments to Federal Agencies such as, DHS, FBI, ICE and more.  

The BOSS StrongBox brand has grown to represent leadership in security, high quality and exceeding customer expectations.  Our mission is to give you peace of mind and confidence to know your gear is secure.  

BOSS StrongBox™
Division of BOSS Innovations
30081 Comercio
Rancho Santa Margarita, CA 92688
T: 800-218-3205
E: Sales@BossStrongBox.com

Proudly Made in America

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